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    Accountant in Langley, BC, Canada

    • Manage accounts payable
    • Manage accounts receivable
    • Manage bank feeds
    • Prepare and publish financial statements
    • Reconcile bank accounts
    • Document financial transactions
    • Take control of some payroll and HR tasks
    • Keep you compliant with the latest tax regulations and laws
    • Recommend new ways to streamline company finances

    How our accountants can save you money?

    There are several ways an accountant can help save your business money. 

    Via Tax Deductions or Offsets

    Tax is an incredibly complex thing. You may be losing money without even realizing it. Having a competent accountant will allow you to keep the books balanced and tax returns complete, which will help you to minimize losses.

    Via Healthy Business Decisions

    A good specialist will be able to identify problems, as well as spot opportunities that you wouldn’t usually be able to see for yourself.

    Via Time

    Time is money, and our specialists are highly skilled in saving you time. 

    With an accountant taking care of all the complicated and time-consuming tasks, you can refocus on the operation and growth of your business.

    How do you find a personal accountant in Langley BC, Canada?

    Finding a great personal accountant requires that you first understand your own needs on an individual and business level.

    Before making a decision, make sure they’re fully licensed and try to find some recommendations or reviews online. This way, you know they’re professional, and other businesses have had success working with them.

    Accountant in Langley, BC, Canada

    At Royer Accounting, we have a team of bookkeepers with a wealth of knowledge and experience who can help you with any and all of your accounting needs.

    Our software uses the power of the cloud to provide you with the best bookkeeping tools possible. Call us today to speak to one of our helpful advisors at (604) 409-4040 or email us at

    Why are online accountants services so popular nowadays?

    1. Efficiency

    An online accountant can handle most or all of your day to day accounting needs. This helps relieve you as a business owner from your accounting duties.

    Doing your own accounting as a business owner can take enormous amounts of time and causes unnecessary stress. You don’t even need to set aside time for physical meetings with your accountant. You can organize convenient video calls at the times that suit you best.

    2. Helpful for Future Planning

    Online accountants use advanced software that tracks all your business financials. The analysis and the insights it provides can help you to plan for the future of your company.

    The insights can help you to spot opportunities and predict any future issues your business may face. 

    3. Best and Latest Software At All Time

    The computer software industry moves faster than any other. Keeping track of the latest developments and staying ahead of the competition can be a full-time job in itself. Not to mention expensive.

    Our specialists are always on the pulse of the industry. They integrate and make use of the latest and greatest software, so you don’t have to.

    4. Improved Overview of Your Finances

    Many business owners want to dip in and out of their financials to see how things are going. The software used by online accountants will usually allow you to overview your business accounts via your smartphone or computer at the click of a button.

    5. Quicker Invoicing and Quicker Payments

    Cash flow is everything when it comes to a small business. You want the most efficient system for getting invoices out and money in. Online accounting software can help manage all this for you and streamline your invoicing and payments system.

    6. More Cost-Effective

    An in-person accountant can be expensive, especially for a small business. An online accountant is typically cheaper to hire. You may also get access to an entire team of professional accountants and not just one.

    A virtual accounting firm can provide you with the same high-quality services as in-person CPA designated accountant but for a much lower cost.

    Why does your business need an accountant? Is having an accountant worth it?

    Every business needs help with their tax services, bookkeeping, consultancy, and advice at the very least.

    Unless your business is an accountancy firm, you will likely need this type of support. Failure to get help with your accountancy needs means you will spend a lot of time learning and doing it for yourself.

    The more time you spend away from the core operations of the business, the slower your business will grow. Accounting is complicated and time-consuming. The more you can delegate to someone else, the better

    The Best Business Structure for You

    They can also work with you to find the best business structure for you. Do you want to be a corporation, partnership, cooperative or other? Each has its own advantages, and the choice will depend on you and the type of business. An accountant can help you make the best decision.

    Financial Analysis

    Without proper financial analysis or planning, you will struggle to reach your business goals. Accountants know how different industries work. They can offer you invaluable insights into your business, and how to grow your business, helping you reach your targets.

    Tax Assistance

    Tax is a nightmare for most business owners. Tax can cause more stress to you than the actual building of your company. An accountant is well versed with tax laws and can ensure your company stays within the current legislation. They will keep you up to date with the latest in regulations, laws, and help you to calculate and prepare your tax returns.