To make great decisions, you need quality and timely information. With our bookkeeping services, you get that along with expert advice.

We are happy to show you how to create sustainable profitability so you can eliminate debts and gain complete control over your finances.

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Business Bookkeeping in Canada

Bookkeeping Services in Surrey, Langley & Abbotsford

When done well, bookkeeping provides insights into financial information and helps in the decision making process. However, doing it well is difficult, which is why there are Chartered Professional Accountants. Most business owners are not in the bookkeeping business and have to spend evenings and weekends doing a difficult job they hate. With our service, you can get your personal time back and get the information you need when you need it.

We take this a step further by harnessing the power of the Profit First system. By partnering with us and using this system, we work with you to increase profits, owners' salaries, and to reduce expenses. We live this system as we use it ourselves and it has done wonders to reduce stress over making payroll, covering rent, or having enough to cover your taxes.

For professional bookkeeping services in Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford, book an appointment today with the experts at Royer Accounting.

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We offer full service payroll including payroll calculations, paystubs, T4 preparation, WCB calculations, ROEs, Employer Health Tax. We can also assist you with setting up the proper tools for time tracking or any other special requirement you have.

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Stress-free and straightforward bookkeeping services

Finding and retaining professional, reliable, and talented bookkeepers can be a difficult task. That’s where we come in. Royer Accounting is dedicated to simplifying your bookkeeping needs so that you can spend more time on growing your small business.

Experienced bookkeeper and virtual bookkeeping processes

Royer Accounting offers customized bookkeeping services that are built around your needs. Our systems have been streamlined to provide you with the very best bookkeeper service possible. We can significantly reduce your amount of work, taking on the most challenging aspects of bookkeeping for you.

Using our advanced cloud system and accounting software, we can provide you with high-quality bookkeeping services that are reliable and efficient. We can help you with:

  • Creating a budget
  • Tax preparation
  • Accurate and timely financial statements
  • Financial analysis
  • Advice on current tax rules and deductions/credits
  • Management and viewing of bank feeds
  • Simple and easy reporting for investors
  • Control of payroll
  • Handling of foreign currency transactions

Our team of professional and experienced virtual bookkeepers will keep your books looking healthy and empower you to grow your small business. We can provide valuable insights into your company’s numbers and offer our professional business advice.

Reporting Your Way

Our state of the art bookkeeping software can provide you with monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports that you can easily digest. Whether you need to know your balance sheet, income statement, or cash flow, we can quickly provide you with them.

Our reports can offer invaluable insights into the health of your business. We can help you identify opportunities and possible issues. Our reports are designed to add strength to your company and inspire you to grow the business further.

Tax and Financials Support

Year-end can always be stressful and time-consuming for small businesses. We can prepare your tax returns each year, helping to relieve some of the stress so you can get back to running your business.

We can also provide financials to help you win new investments or qualify for credit. We can customize the financials to show exactly what your investors or bank requires.

Simple and Efficient Communication

Effective bookkeeping services require a seamless and efficient form of communication between your business and your bookkeeper. Our software allows you to share documents with ease, leveraging the power of cloud-based software. It also allows us to collaborate on documents and communicate in real-time. 

Say goodbye to long and complicated spreadsheets and huge piles of paper. Our system is designed to streamline all information into one platform where everything can be found and actioned effortlessly.

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