April 6, 2020
COVID-19 - Royeraccounting


We’re a virtual tax office and we’re still accepting tax clients. We can: take paperless documents; get signatures electronically; take payment electronically; provide a video explaining […]
January 4, 2020
Good - Bad meter

How Good is Your Bookkeeper?

How Hard Can It Possibly Be? OK, confession time! When I was a CPA, CGA student working for one of the Big Four Accounting Firms, I […]
November 29, 2019
The hourly billing model for bookkeeping is dying

No One Cares How Long It Takes

The hourly billing model is dying. To be honest, I won’t have anything nice to say at its funeral either. The hourly billing model is based […]
November 1, 2019

Growing Your Business Requires Systems

If you’re like most of the entrepreneurs I have spoken to over the years, you want to grow your business, but the idea of employees terrifies […]
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