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    Virtual Bookkeeping Services

    Virtual bookkeepers are growing in popularity among modern-day business owners. A virtual bookkeeper can save you vast amounts of time, energy, and stress.

    Virtual bookkeeping services use the very best software in accounting to help provide you with unique insights into your business finances. All of this can be provided within the software.

    Abbotsford bookkeeper's primary duties are to help your business:

    • Manage accounts payable
    • Manage accounts receivable
    • Manage bank feeds
    • Prepare and publish financial statements
    • Reconcile bank accounts
    • Document financial transactions
    • Take control of some payroll and HR tasks
    • Keep you compliant with the latest tax regulations and laws
    • Recommend new ways to streamline company finances

    5 Tips for Using a Bookkeeper, Abbotsford, Canada

    Hiring a virtual bookkeeper can be daunting. Not knowing what to expect from a virtual business relationship, how the process will work, and how to communicate effectively can be stressful for business owners.

    Here are some tips for building a successful business relationship with your virtual bookkeeping services in Abbotsford, BC.

    1. Specify Your Needs Clearly

    For your bookkeeper to do the best job for your business, you must be clear about your business needs. You want to ensure that your financial information and financial records are being handled correctly. You must be completely honest and clear about your state of affairs as a business.

    Trust and honesty are critical to any successful bookkeeping relationship. If you clear information, you will get access to the best insights and information from your bookkeeper that will improve your chances of success.

    2. Determine the Process

    Virtual bookkeeping services harness the power of cloud-based services to share information, store files and even communicate. This will require a small learning curve for your business, but it is a beneficial learning curve that will only bring you value in the long run.

    The future of business is set to become a lot more virtual, and learning to use cloud-based software is a skill that will keep paying back in dividends. Cloud-based services can also help to streamline processes and make access to information much simpler.

    3. Agree on a Schedule 

    Virtual bookkeepers are incredibly flexible, it’s one of the significant benefits of using a virtual bookkeeper. At the beginning of your relationship, it’s important to agree on an appropriate schedule that works for you.

    Agree on what times and days are acceptable for communication. Assigning a specific slot weekly or every two weeks to speak to your bookkeeper will help keep things consistent.

    4. Create Effective Communication

    At the heart of every great business/bookkeeper relationship, there is excellent communication. Successful bookkeeping requires sharing lots of personal information, and so a clear solid line of communication is essential.

    Make sure your bookkeeper has an established system for communication that you can read and understand. Communication will typically involve email, video calls, in-person meetings, secure file sharing software/apps, and more.

    When information is requested from you, it’s essential to promptly deliver that information via the correct system. This keeps everything secure, consistent, and efficient.

    5. Make Sure You Understand the Information Delivered

    A good bookkeeper will provide you with valuable information and insights that can help grow your business and improve your chances of success. Bookkeepers are experts in business finance. Thus their advice is often seen as invaluable to a business.

    Once you have the information, it’s vital that you understand it, share it with your employees, and apply it to your business. Make sure you review any reports delivered and read them carefully to draw on any important information or useful insights.

    If you don’t understand what you have been delivered, ask questions and seek clarity. More often than not, business owners will sit on the information provided. Be proactive and speak with your bookkeeper so that you understand their advice.

    Always ask for advice when you feel you need it. Don’t forget that bookkeepers are professionals in finance and work with many other business owners in the same or similar industries. Bookkeepers can give you tons of great advice about your business, drawing on their knowledge and personal experience.

    Bookkeepers can advise on accounting software, offer payroll services, produce financial records, and help you with tax preparation.

    You will find that many bookkeepers have specific knowledge about your industry and type of business. This makes them a valuable source of information. Bookkeepers in Abbotsford can give you general advice about your business based on what has worked for other business owners in Langley BC.

    Ask yourself, do they have:

    • A basic understanding of bookkeeping
    • Diligence with their work
    • An eagerness to learn and understand your business goals
    • Good client testimonials and recommendations
    • A clear pricing structure for their services
    • Experience working in your industry
    • Effective communication skills

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