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    Solid bookkeeping is the foundation of any successful business

    What do you need to do If you are struggling with understanding your financial perspectives, and organizing your company expenses income and transactions? Contact Us and We will show you how to create sustainable profitability so you can eliminate debts and gain complete control over your finances.

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    Our bookkeeping service includes:

    1. Help You Create a Budget

    Once you have your income and expenses organized, you can start to develop a budget. Why? Because you have a clear picture of your financial resources and expenses.

    Without a budget, you can’t construct a clear roadmap for your business. An economical system will give you freedom with the ability to plan for future expenses and anticipated resources.

    2. Tax Preparation

    Companies are required by law to file a tax return annually. And each year, millions of business owners go through a month of stress and long nights scrambling to get everything together.

    Bookkeeping services can help to eliminate this yearly nightmare. Using our tax preparation service, you can make the tax filing process smart and efficient. A bookkeeping service will ensure you have all the information you need for each tax return.

    3. Daily Accounts Management

    Bookkeeping software will track all your daily income and expenses for you. This takes a massive weight off your shoulders, leaving you to focus on your business growth and success. There won’t be any more long hours of data-entry into the early morning.

    The software will keep an eye on your cash flow, and you can jump in and see how things are going at the click of a button.

    4. Always Up-to-Date with Accurate Records

    Bookkeepers can ensure that your financial information and data are always up to date and accurate, giving you peace of mind.

    The bookkeeping software will also be able to flag up any inconsistencies in your financial records. These can then be resolved swiftly.

    5. Financial Analysis

    Using the analytics produced by the bookkeeper software, you can analyze business performance and spot new opportunities or future issues.

    You will have access to insights that tell you which business lines are working and which are underperforming. You can then move forward with your strengths and improve your weaknesses.

    6. Stay Aligned With The Law

    Tax is an ever-changing and complicated system. The government makes small changes all the time that you need to be aware of and adhere to at a moment’s notice.

    Bookkeeping services can work with your tax preparer to ensure that all the latest laws and regulations are incorporated into your company accounts.

    7. Manage and View Bank Feeds

    The foundation of any bookkeeping software is to track all your daily transactions for your business. Your bank feed will link to the software allowing you to see every transaction in real-time.

    Bank feeds save your company an enormous amount of time and increase the speed at which you do business.

    8. Easy Reporting for Investors

    Most investors make their decisions based on your financial statements and records. This gives them an overview of your financial performance, which will help them make their decision to invest.

    Bookkeeping services can assist you with producing great looking financial statements, including up-to-date and accurate data. Investors take kindly to businesses that have an organized and in-depth history of their finances.

    9. Control of Payroll

    Ensuring suppliers, staff, and partners are paid on time is crucial to the success and good reputation of your business. Bookkeeping can automatically set up payments and ensure money is sent at precisely the right time.

    Payroll services include payroll calculations, paystubs, T4 preparation, WCB calculations, and ROEs.

    10. Handling of Foreign Currency Transactions

    If your small business is paid in foreign currency, your bookkeeper software can handle these transactions on your behalf using the best rates at the time of payment.

    The software will also record accurate data about each transaction, including the exchange rate used at that moment in time. This can save your small business a lot of headaches when it comes to financial reporting.

    Bookkeeping Services, Langley, from Royer Accounting

    At Royer Accounting, we have a team of bookkeepers with a wealth of knowledge and experience who can help you with any and all of your accounting needs.

    Our software uses the power of the cloud to provide you with the best bookkeeping tools possible. Call us today to speak to one of our helpful advisors at (604) 409-4040 or email us at