We are an accounting services company that will help you address the financial things that keep you up at night.

We are happy to show you how to create sustainable profitability so you can eliminate debts and gain complete control over your finances.

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Accounting Company

At Royer Accounting your success is our success. We believe that good accounting is more than just financial statements and tax returns. We want to help our customers gain a deeper understanding of their numbers and explain the real-world implications of those finances. Whether it is taking a stress away, providing quality numbers, or a solution, we want to help.

We don’t believe in surprise billing, so you will never hear us quote an hourly rate for compliance work. The quote we give you at the beginning of the project will be what you end up paying.

Profit First

It’s your business. Your profit should come first.

I serve entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses, profitably. Traditionally accounting and bookkeeping services are transactional – do the books, prepare the taxes, etc. Numbers in, numbers out, and you pay a fee. But what about profit? What if at the end of the day, by working with your accountant or bookkeeper you actually fattened your wallet? My firm does just that.
Yes… we are excellent at bookkeeping and accounting, but you should expect that from anyone you work with. What makes us different is that we drive profitability in your business.
We are certified in the Profit First method, have direct hands-on experience increasing the profits for multiple businesses. What this means is we have the strategies to make your business more profitable than it has ever been before. And we are ready to do it for you starting now.

Why Royer Accounting?

Better information leads to better decisions, which leads to more profits.

  • We are passionate about educating and empowering clients about their finances. This creates peace of mind and clarity with your business and personal financial decisions.
  • Easy-to-understand visual reports and graphs that make sense.
  • Proactive versus reactive customized solutions to suit people’s needs.
  • Full-service bookkeeping and accounting all in one.
  • Pure Bookkeeping certified/license.
  • 6+ years offering bookkeeping services.
  • Systems and processes according to Pure Bookkeeping standards.
  • Trained and licensed in the QuickBooks bookkeeping system.
  • Accurate and on-time returns.
  • Bookkeeping with taxes in mind
  • Very systems-oriented with a focus on consistent reporting, education, and analysis.

Free Financial Health Check

Ask us about our free Financial Health Check, which includes:

  • An on-site visit with the software you use, and I’ll be able to show you the reporting you’d receive from me.
  • Suggestions based on your unique situation on how you should best manage your books based on the systems you are using and your current setup.
  • Customized reports that would benefit you and/or your business.

Andrew Royer

Accountant, CPA, CGA

Andrew worked as a software developer for 13 years writing accounting software before making the switch to accounting. He then worked at KPMG Enterprise in the client services branch while obtaining his CPA, CGA designation. He has a passion for combining his technical and accounting knowledge to provide the best solutions for clients.

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