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Whether your tax situation is straight-forward or complex, we have the education and expertise to minimize your taxes now and in the future.

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    Royer Accounting is situated in Langley, BC. We service the area of Fraser Valley and are ready to help your business to be profitable using our expertise in bookkeeping and accounting.

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    Personal Tax

    Here at Royer Accounting, we provide tax services in Langley to ensure that all of your personal tax and accounting needs will be taken care of.

    Tax Preparation

    Taxes can be overwhelming, and you might not be sure where to begin. Andrew Royer is our expert accountant who will walk you through the process, but of course, we’ll do all the work.

    With years of experience under our belt, we can review your tax compliance and alert you to any potential issues to ensure that your filings are completed accurately and on time.

    NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, individual and corporation filing deadlines have been extended. You can view updates to Canadian tax laws due to the virus here. As the need for innovative personal and business strategies arise, we can assist you by taking a look at your books and provide an initial Profit First assessment to analyze your costs. Additionally, we can act as a sounding board as you diversify your business while advising you on the changes caused by COVID-19.

    Tax calculation
    Income tax

    Income Tax

    Your finances are under intense scrutiny from regulators, regardless of whether you’re an individual or a corporation. It helps if you have reliable and consistent filings to ensure that you’re able to keep as much of your income as possible.

    Our professionals can speak to you via phone or Skype to make sure that you understand today’s ever-changing and complex tax regulations. We’ll guarantee that your income tax filings are correct and provable to meet ASPE and IFRS guidelines.

    Tax Return and Tax Return Preparation

    Filing for your tax return can be a painful process. It’s the last thing that you want to do after you’ve finished your original taxes.To ensure your tax return process is as hassle-free as possible, we’ll do the research and recommend a strategy that allows you to get the maximum amount of your money back.


    Tax Planning

    Tax planning can reduce your legal liabilities when the accounting quarter comes. To make sure that everything you submit is tax-compliant, we recommend sitting down with one of our accountants to work out strategies.

    We’ll help you understand how to:

    • Defer income to save money now and to lower future taxes later.
    • Reduce taxes on investments and retirement distributions.
    • Lower estate taxes for the sake of beneficiaries.
    • Keep more of your earnings by decreasing income tax.

    Tax Services, Langley, from Royer Accounting

    At Royer Accounting, we have a team of accountants with good knowledge and expertise who can help you with any and all of your taxation needs.

    Call us today to speak to one of our helpful advisors at (604) 409-4040 or email us at

    Consulting and Advice

    With today’s complex tax laws and codes, there are few places to turn for support. You’re probably left with more questions than answers during tax season.

    One of the most effective ways of reducing your tax burden can be through well-placed advice. We’re up to date with all of the latest regulations and changes. We can assist you in devising innovative tax solutions for domestic and international tax needs.

    By connecting with our tax experts today and getting a jump start on your upcoming taxes, we can organize and document all of your income and deductions. If you ever get a review, we will be ready to support you.

    Accounting Services

    Whether you run your own business, or simply have a busy life, let someone else worry about your taxes. We offer a wide variety of accounting services from accounting tax to file organization. Additionally, our services include an analytical review of your finances so that we can provide strategies to help you meet and surpass short and long term financial goals.

    You’ll never have to wonder if everything got submitted on time and correctly again. Check that off your to-do list!

    Business Services

    As a business owner, your life is already incredibly stressful. Not only do you have to fret about hiring, payroll, and inventory, you also have to keep clients satisfied and continuously work on promoting and growing your own business. Our business tax services can take some of your money stressors off your plate.

    Employee Payroll and Bookkeeping

    Here at Royer Accounting, we can take care of all of your employee payroll and bookkeeping needs. Someone didn’t get paid? Send them our way, as you have other things to do. The only things that you need to give us are your invoices and expenses, and we’ll keep everything organized. We’ll support you with payroll calculations, paystubs, T4 preparation, WCB calculations, and ROEs.

    Business bookkeeping, when done correctly, can provide valuable financial insights into future business decisions. However, bookkeeping is complicated and incredibly time-consuming. Using our bookkeeping services, you’ll get your weekends and nights back so you can spend more time growing the business that you’ve poured your heart and soul into.

    We also take it one step further and use cloud-based services, so you’ll have access to your books at any time and anywhere with the internet.

    Payroll on the laptop screen
    Tax Preparation

    Business Accounting Services

    As Canadian standards become increasingly more complex, the pressure to have all of your business finances in order is higher than ever.

    If you want an all in one service, our business accounting services are the perfect solution. We offer complete bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services to ensure transparency for your business to meet IFRS guidelines. When tax season comes around, you won’t notice any change to your to-do list.

    Business Tax Preparation and Tax Services

    Whatever type of tax return you’re looking to file, whether that’s sole-proprietorship, partnership, or corporate, Royer Accounting is the firm for you. It doesn’t matter if your books are clean, pristine, and up to date, or the last time you looked at your books was the previous tax season, we can get everything in order and filed in time. We’re also here to help with future tax preparation for maximum profitability.

    We can assist with:

    • Business tax preparation.
    • Partnership and corporate tax preparation.
    • PST and GST filings.
    • Tax audits.
    • Reducing your tax load.
    • Tax secrets.
    Tax calculation
    Business meeting

    Business Advisory

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a new business and want to get off on the right foot, or if you’re looking to create a business plan or apply for a loan, we’re here for you. If you already have a business and are trying to solve financial problems, we can offer advice on your current process and identify problem areas that could be restricting your business growth.

    Additionally, we can advise everyone from CEOs and CFOs to senior executives and business owners while ensuring that your business maintains its independence.

    We want to support you in achieving your goals. Get in touch today.

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